Representing Fine Native American Art –American Indian owned and Operated.
Customers can purchase Native American art prints, original artwork or three dimensional Native Art.  
Products Available:
"Sunburst Ceremony" - Painted Cowskull    "Warrior Shield I "
  PoorHorse copyright 2014 - $2500     PoorHorse copyright 2014 - $725
Seminole Clan Design Etched Glass Mugs -     $12.00
  Original Artwork by Erica Marie Deitz
  Hybiskus Band T - Shirts    $20.00
  The Band of Robert Cloud North, Jr.
  Erica Marie Deitz Artwork (prints, artwork on canvas)* catalogue available upon request
  Poor Horse painted cowskulls*    $650 - $2500images available on request 
  *View the artwork of Erica Marie Deitz and PoorHorse on the CloudNorth Productions Facebook page.
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